Emilio Alpanseque (恩米) is a 5th Degree Wushu Master by the Chinese Wushu Association, with over 25 years of training, he has pursued his Wushu career with passionate determination and exceptional commitment. His extensive experience as a successful international competitor, former Spanish National Team athlete, qualified judge and dedicated writer has made him a highly respected member of the international Wushu community.

His insight and experience enable him to form a unique approach for coaching Wushu. His guidance and teaching accelerates the development of his students by constantly providing feedback appropriate to their individual needs.

In addition to the standard Wushu bare hand styles (Changquan, Nanquan and Taijiquan) and the usage of the four main weapons (Broadsword, Staff, Straight Sword and Spear), he’s knowledgeable in a variety of other special styles and weapons including Shaolinquan, Fanziquan, Yingzhaoquan, Bajiquan, Zuiquan, Piguaquan, Nandao, Nangun, 3-sectional staff and 9-sectional chain whip, among others.


Practicing Broadsword or Daoshu Jumping Inside Kick or Xuanfengjiao
Butterfly Kick or Xuanzi With World Renowned Coach Wu Bin, mentor of the international movie star Jet Li
Traditional Tumbling Fist Boxing or Fanziquan Traditional Poking Feet Boxing or Chuojiaoquan


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